Installing Goodvidio requires you to add the Goodvidio script on your store. If revenue tracking is available in your subscription, you can install the additional tracking script to start tracking how video influences your customers' buying journeys.

Add the Goodvidio script provided below, in the <head> tag of the HTML to ensure optimal performance. We recommend installing the Goodvidio snippet as high up in the head tag as possible. The Goodvidio script must be loaded in all pages of your online store.

<script id="goodvidio-init" src="//"></script>

The execution of the Goodvidio script is asynchronous and does not cause any delays in the loading of the page. Therefore, the higher up you include it in the DOM, the faster the Goodvidio Gallery will appear in your product pages.

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Revenue tracking allows you to measure the performance of your product pages and assess the impact of video on the conversion rate, shopping cart abandonment, average order value and other ecommerce metrics for your online store. To use revenue tracking, it should be available in your subscription.

The revenue tracking script records the products that are in the shopping cart during a purchase transaction, along with all the required attributes, such as their names, SKUs, quantities, and prices. The category is optional.

The purchase transaction data are placed inside an array named transactionData and it contains a unique transaction id, which should be provided during the purchase. You can use the order number as the unique transaction id.

The script should be installed on the page shown after the order has been confirmed and paid by the customer. This is usually your "Thank you" or order confirmation page.

The revenue tracking script has to be included after the Goodvidio script.


// Initialize API
if('undefined'==typeof _gv){var n='_gv',w=window;w.GoodvidioTrackingObject=n,n in w||(w[n]=function(){w[n].q.push(arguments)},w[n].q=[]),w[n].l=(new Date).getTime()}

// Populate checkout data
var _gv_purchase = {     id: 'Include the unique transaction id',     transactionData: [{         name: 'Include the name of the product being purchased',         sku: 'Include the SKU of the product',         price: 'Include the price of the product (e.g., 99.99)',         category: 'Include the category of the product',         quantity: 'Include the quantity of the product (e.g., 2)'     }, {         name: 'Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE',         sku: '7751605',         price: '789.99',         category: 'Smartphones',         quantity: '1'     }] };

// Send checkout data


_gv_purchase is an object that represents the products that have been purchased. After the object has been defined, it should be send to Goodvidio.

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The Goodvidio Gallery follows a responsive design and currently supports the following web browsers:


  • IE 9 or later
  • Safari 5.1 or later
  • Firefox 22 or later
  • Chrome 22 or later
  • Opera 15 or later


  • iOS 6 or later
  • Android 4.0 or later
  • Windows Phone 8.1 or later

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